HWCL Summer 2018 - October 1v1 Open - BtC

  • 17 Players
  • Single Elimination
  • Halo Wars 2
  • October 13, 2018 at 9:00 AM CDT
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Welcome to the third Breaking the Clutch Tournament of the second season of HWCL.   PLEASE READ ALL OF THE RULES BELOW BEFORE REGISTERING, SINCE REGISTERING MEANS YOU AGREE TO OUR TERMS:

For any questions regarding posted rules, join our discord here:  https://discord.gg/sRWpP2Z


When any individual registers, they must provide their own valid gamertag on Xbox Live/Windows 10 as their "display name" on the tournament bracket.  All Gamertags will be verified by tournament officials, so please be prepared to answer any questions they have regarding accounts.  The tournament Officials for Breaking the Clutch are the following:

    BtC Hosticide     -      Event Organizer

To help prevent the use of smurf accounts (an alternative account that is not the participant's primary account), the account that registers must have at least 50 matches played in matchmaking, have finished in ranked matchmaking, and have over 500 gamerscore on the account.  Additionally, accounts will be "screened" by tournament officials.  If an account does not meet the minimum requirements or is not an existing gamertag, it will be removed when registration closes.  Registration closes on October 12th at 10:30pm ET (US-EAST).  


Breaking the Clutch tournaments are a part of the Halo Wars Championship League (HWCL).  These points are used as requirements to enter into private or invitation-only HWCL events.  The invitational at the end of the Season will have prizing provided by 343 Industries.   In addition to these prizes, each organization is permitted to host their own side-events with their own prize pools.  Therefore, these points are your ticket into prized events.  Points are awarded to individuals who finish in the top positions of tournaments.  The points are awarded as the following:

    First Place:         50pts

    Second Place:   30pts

    Third Place:       15pts

    Fourth Place:     5pts

In addition to these four positions earning points, if a tournament exceeds 32+ players, every participant will receive an additional 5 points for making it to the quarter finals.  Therefore in a 32+ player tournament, 1st place would leave with 55pts instead of 50pts, second place would leave with 35pts, and this would continue all the way down to 8th would receive 5 points.    


Each round of the Tournament will have rotating maps.  This season, Breaking the Clutch will use this current map-set all season of HWCL.  

  • 1 Leader Ban allowed for each player for each series, no changing bans.
  • "Passing" your ban is considered using your ban.
  •  See more leader ban rules below.

     Qualifying Rounds:         Frontier (Best of 1)

     Round of 16:                      Rift (Best of 1)

     Quarterfinals:                   Rift/Frontier/Mirage (Best of 3)

     Semifinals:                         Frontier/Rift/Bedorck (Best of 3)

     Finals:                                  Rift/Mirage/Frontier/Bedrock/Rift (Best of 5)

     Bronze Match:                  Rift/Frontier/Bedrock (Best of 3)

These maps are the required for each stage of the tournament.  There is a known visual glitch/bug on mirage where players are unable to see specific areas of the maps.  It is uncommon, but can still occur.  If it occurs to any individual, instant-resign and reload the match.  You are protected for the first minute regarding this glitch if you instant resign, but you must restart the match with the exact same leaders originally chosen.



The gametype for all matches will be the default Deathmatch gametype in Custom Games.  No skulls are alterations of the maps and gametypes are allowed.  Any alterations will result in disqualification from the tournament.  Depending on the circumstance, suspensions may vary for disqualification.  


In All Matches, Each participant is allowed to ban a Leader from being played (optional).  That makes a total of 2 leader bans per round of the tournament.  This forces players to learn more than one single strategy.  If a player does not comply with the banned leaders, they can be reported to the tournament official and can be disqualified for failing to comply with a leader ban.  For example, if one player bans Arbiter and the other player bans Shipmaster, both players cannot use both Arbiter and Shipmaster that match.   If both players ban the same leader, only 1 leader is banned for that series.  In a series, leader bans are chosen before the series begins, and cannot be changed after the first match begins.  The host must give time for both players to exchange bans before starting the match.  RANDOM ALL, RANDOM UNSC, and RANDOM BANISHED leader choices are banned for all Breaking the Clutch HWCL events.


There are many instances an individual will need to contact a Breaking the Clutch official. When needing to contact an official, send a message on Discord to "The Hosticide#4996". When reporting, follow these instructions:


In all reports:  Please include what match number the report is coming from on the bracket.  For example,  "Match 11, ......" and then your report after the match tag.

 Reporting the score of a match: On the first line of a competitor's message, list the two gamertags that competed in the match. Then, on the second line, state who was the winner of the match. For example, "Host, Slick - Slick wins". Host and Slick are the competitors, and Slick won the match.

Reporting "no-shows": If a competitor's opponent does not show up for the match after 15 minutes, the competitor will report the two gamertags that were scheduled for the match on the first line. The second line lists which competitor did not show up for the match, specifying "no-show". For example, "Host, Slick - Slick No Show". The competitor needs to report evidence that their opponent did NOT show up for the match.

Reporting Questions: If a competitor has a question, message The Hosticide with  "Q: insert question here". For example: "Q: What time is the first match?".

Reporting Rule Violations: If any individual (competitor, viewer, etc) witnesses any rule breaking and has evidence of such, report The Hosticide by messaging the violated rule, and as much evidence as possible (must be screenshots or videos containing evidence of the rule violations).


All matches will be played in custom games.  The host can be either participant, and if both players cannot connect, an outside individual chosen by tournament officials will host the custom game match.  PLAYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTING THEIR OPPONENT AS SOON AS THEIR MATCH IS READY.


Match manipulation is illegal in all Breaking the Clutch and HWCL events. If any participants are caught manipulating matches, and are reported with unquestionable evidence to the Breaking the Clutch officials for doing so, they will be disqualified from this tournament, and any future Breaking the Clutch and HWCL activities. Match manipulation includes, but is not limited to: losing matches purposefully, bribing other competitors to lose matches, and intentionally attempting to manipulate the bracket in a competitor's favor. If any individual has evidence of match manipulation, they can report it to the Breaking the Clutch officials, who will keep the reporter's name anonymous. 


Participants are allowed to have their games streamed and casted, but know stream at your own risk because of stream-sniping.  The finals will be casted only by the designated casting team.


Game crashing and disconnections happen in any game.  If the game crashes or disconnects for only one of the participants after 4 minutes into the game, the player who disconnected or crashed forfeits the match.  If both players crash or disconnect from the match, they must replay the match with the same leaders and should have a tournament official  host and spectate the match for official rulings.


All participants are required to be respectful to both the staff and participants of all HWCL events.  The HWCL wants to hold their tournaments to a certain-level of professionalism, but still allow for individuals to enjoy the competitive experience.  Subtle jokes aimed towards participants are allowed in enhance the competitiveness between individuals, but direct disrespect towards someone is prohibited.  This is handled on a case-by-case basis by HWCL officials.  


The HWCL takes the scheduling of all tournaments very seriously.  A no-show is clearly defined as a play who fails to show up to their match after 15 minutes of being contacted or the match start time.  Individuals are suggested to notify their next opponent as soon as possible that they will be playing against each other.  For round 1 of the tournament,  it is suggested to send a message to your first opponent as soon as round 1 is announced, so there is clear communication of when to meet up for the match time.  Players are allowed to use the 15 minutes between matches for small breaks, but still need to show up as soon as possible.  To report a No-Show, please refer to the match submission section above and attach as many timestamps as possible to evidence.  Three no-shows in any HWCL tournament will result in a 30-day suspension from any HWCL tournament.  


All Matches, excluding semifinals and finals, are given at 60 minute (60:00) time limit to be played out.  If the time limit is reached, the match must be resigned by both players and restarted.  the second match to break the stagnation will only have a maximum time limit of 30 minutes. If the second match results in a win or loss, the series continues as scheduled. If this match result stagnates again, the third match will turn into a sudden death. In sudden death, the first player to destroy a base wins the series with no time limit.  Again, The stagnation rule does not apply to semifinals and finals.


Participants may withdraw from the tournament at any time by contacting "BtC Hosticide" on discord, so they are not counted as a no-show if they register for the tournament.  


This is an optional rule, but heavily suggested guideline.  It is suggested by Breaking the Clutch to help prevent participants from wasting time and play with good sportsmanship by resigning when you have lost the match.  Resigning when a match becomes impossible to win is a perfectly valid way to show respect to your opponent.  Dragging on a match by purposely by building extra bases and floating on the death-timer when your opponent without a doubt won the match is seen often seen to spectators as disrespect to others.  

Final Results

Supreme Champion: Almirante99
Worthy Adversary: ROCKGENERATION
Maybe Next Time: IxJeddeyxI

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